1. Department of State Book View
D1. Departmental
1A. Division of Historical Resources
1B. Division of Library and Information Services
1C. Secretary of State
1D. Florida Elections Commission
1E. Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board of Trustees
1F. Historic Florida Keys Preservation Board of Trustees
1G. Historic Pensacola Preservation Board of Trustees
1H. Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board of Trustees
1J. Historic Palm Beach County Preservation Board of Trustees
1K. John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
1L. Historic Broward County Preservation Board of Trustees
1M. Historic Tampa/Hillsborough Preservation Board of Trustees
1N. Division of Corporations
1P. Florida Folklife Program
1S. Division of Elections
1T. Division of Cultural Affairs
2. Department of Legal Affairs Book View
D2. Departmental
2A. Division of Victim Services and Criminal Justice Programs
2B. Florida Elections Commission
3. Department of Banking and Finance Book View
D3. Departmental
3A. Division of Accounting and Auditing
3C. Division of Banking
3D. Division of Finance
3E. Division of Securities and Finance
3F. Board of Funeral and Cemetery Services
4. Department of Insurance Book View
D4. Departmental
4A. State Fire Marshal
4B. Division of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
4C. Division of Treasury
4D. Hospital Cost Containment Board
4E. Career Service System
4F. Contract Bidding
4G. Florida Prepaid Postsecondary Education Expense Board
4H. Division of Risk Management
4J. Residual Markets and Special Risk Pools
4L. Division of Workers' Compensation
5. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Book View
D5. Departmental
5A. Division of Administration
5B. Division of Plant Industry
5C. Division of Animal Industry
5D. Division of Dairy Industry
5E. Division of Agricultural Environmental Services
5F. Division of Standards
5G. Division of Fruit and Vegetables
5H. Division of Marketing and Development
5I. Florida Forest Service
5J. Division of Consumer Services
5K. Division of Food Safety
5L. Division of Aquaculture
5M. Division of Agricultural Water Policy
5N. Division of Licensing (Formerly 1C)
5O. Office of Energy
5P. Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness
6. Department of Education Book View
D6. Departmental
6A. State Board of Education
6B. Education Practices Commission
6C. Board of Regents
6C1. University of Florida
6C2. Florida State University
6C3. Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University
6C4. University of South Florida
6C5. Florida Atlantic University
6C6. University of West Florida
6C7. University of Central Florida
6C8. Florida International University
6C9. University of North Florida
6C10. Florida Gulf Coast University
6C11. New College of Florida
6C13. Florida Polytechnic University
6D. Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind
6E. Commission for Independent Education
6F. State Board of Nonpublic Career Education
6G. School Districts
6H. Division of Florida Colleges
6J. Florida Insustrial and Phosphate Research Institute
6K. Florida Council for the Hearing Impaired
6M. Florida's Office of Early Learning
7. Department of Business Regulation Book View
D7. Departmental
8. Department of Commerce Book View
D8. Departmental
8K. Black Business Investment Board
8M. Division of International Trade
9. Department of Community Affairs Book View
D9. Departmental
9B. Division of Housing and Community Development
9C. Office of Community Services
9D. Commission on Human Relations (See 60Y)
9F. Office of Manpower Planning
9G. Division of Emergency Management
9H. Division of Veterans' Affairs (Transferred to Ch. 55)
9J. Division of Community Planning
9K. Florida Communities Trust
9L. Florida Energy Office
9M. Florida Coastal Management Program
9N. Florida Building Commission
10. Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services Book View
D10. Departmental
10D. Health Program Office
11. Department of Law Enforcement Book View
D11. Departmental
11A. Division of Criminal Justice Standards and Training
11B. Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission
11C. Division of Criminal Justice Information Systems
11D. Division of Local Law Enforcement Assistance
11E. Division of Criminal Investigation
11F. Division of Staff Services
11G. Medical Examiners Commission
11H. Mutual Aid Council
11I. Employee Relations
11J. Sexual Harassment
11K. Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute
11L. Office of Executive Investigations
11M. Crime Laboratory Council
11N. Office of Inspector General
12. Department of Revenue Book View
D12. Departmental
12A. Sales and Use Tax
12B. Miscellaneous Tax
12C. Corporate, Estate and Intangible Tax
12D. Property Tax Oversight Program
12E. Division of Child Support Enforcement
13. Department of General Services Book View
D13. Departmental
14. Department of Transportation Book View
D14. Departmental
14A. Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board
14B. Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council
15. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Book View
D15. Departmental
15A. Division of Driver Licenses
15B. Division of Florida Highway Patrol
15C. Division of Motor Vehicles
16. Department of Natural Resources Book View
D16. Departmental
16A. Division of Administration
16L. Ridge and Lower Gulf Coast Water Management District
16P. Canal Authority of the State of Florida
17. Department of Environmental Regulation Book View
D17. Departmental
18. Board of Trustees of Internal Improvement Trust Fund Book View
D18. Departmental
19. State Board of Administration Book View
D19. Departmental
19A. Division of Bond Finance
19B. Florida Prepaid College Board
20. Department of Citrus Book View
D20. Departmental
21. Department of Professional Regulation Book View
D21. Departmental
22. Department of Administration Book View
D22. Departmental
23. Florida Commission on Offender Review Book View
D23. Departmental
23A. Parole Commission Qualifications Committee
25. Public Service Commission Book View
D25. Departmental
26. Assessment Administration Review Commission Book View
D26. Departmental
27. Executive Office of the Governor Book View
D27. Departmental
27B. Office of the Inspector General
27C. Energy Office
27D. Division of Planning and Budgeting
27E. Comprehensive Planning
27F. Office of Adoption and Child Protection
27M. Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development
27N. Florida Energy & Climate Commission
27O. Commission on Community Service
27P. Division of Emergency Management
28. Administration Commission Book View
D28. Departmental
29. Regional Planning Councils Book View
29A. West Florida Regional Planning Council
29C. North Central Florida Regional Planning Council
29D. Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council
29E. Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council
29F. East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
29G. Central Florida Regional Planning Council
29H. Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
29I. Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council
29J. South Florida Regional Planning Council
29K. Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
29L. Apalachee Regional Planning Council
30. Regional Transportation Authorities Book View
30B. Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority
30C. South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
30D. Central Florida Commuter Rail Authority
31. Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District Book View
D31. Departmental
32. State Fair Authority Book View
D32. Departmental
33. Department of Corrections Book View
D33. Departmental
33A. Correctional Standards Council (Repealed)
33B. Correctional Medical Authority (Repealed)
33C. Correctional Education School Authority (Repealed)
34. Commission on Ethics Book View
D34. Departmental
35. Metropolitan Planning Organizations Book View
D35. Departmental
35E. First Coast Metropolitan Planning Organization
35I. Orlando Urban Area
35J. Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization
35L. Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization
36. Englewood Water District Book View
37. Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations Book View
D37. Departmental
38. Department of Labor and Employment Security Book View
38A. Office of the Secretary
38B. Division of Unemployment Compensation
38C. Division of Labor
38D. Public Employees Relations Commission (Transferred to 60CC)
38E. Unemployment Appeals Commission
38F. Division of Workers’ Compensation (Transferred to 69L)
38G. Division of Employment and Training
38H. Division of Jobs and Benefits
38I. Division of Safety
38J. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
38K. Division of Blind Services
39. Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission Book View
D39. Departmental
40. Water Management Districts Book View
40A. Northwest Florida Water Management District
40B. Suwannee River Water Management District
40C. St. Johns River Water Management District
40D. Southwest Florida Water Management District
40E. South Florida Water Management District
41. Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged Book View
D41. Departmental
42. Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission Book View
D42. Departmental
42A. Indian Trace Community Development District
42AA. Poinciana Community Development District
42BB. Fleming Island Plantation Community Development District
42BBB. Pioneer Community Development District
42C. Tampa Palms Community Development District
42CC. Capital Region Community Development District
42CCC. Madeira Community Development District
42D. Port LaBelle Community Development District
42DD. Sampson Creek Community Development District
42DDD. Twin Creeks Community Development District
42E. Dunes Community Development District
42EE. Lakewood Ranch Community Development District 5
42EEE. Sarasota National Community Development District
42F. Gateway Services Community Development District
42FF. Double Branch Community Development District
42FFF. Rivers Edge Community Development District
42G. Capron Trail Community Development District
42GG. Tuscany Community Development District
42GGG. Six Mile Creek Community Development District
42H. The Crossings at Fleming Island Community Development District
42HH. Bartram Springs Community Development District
42HHH. Braddock Community Development District
42I. St. Lucie West Community Development District
42III. Southeastern Community Development District
42J. The Tampa Palms Open Space and Transportation Community Development District
42JJ. Town Center at Palm Coast Community Development District
42JJJ. Bexley Community Development District 1
42K. Lely Community Development District
42KK. Cocohatchee Community Development District
42KKK. Myakka Ranch Community Development District
42L. Hampton Hills Community Development District
42LL. Tomoka Community Development District
42LLL. Huntington Hammocks Community Development District
42M. Viera East Community Development District
42MM. Durbin Crossing Community Development District
42MMM. Wiregrass Community Development District
42N. Bayside Improvement Community Development District
42NN. Aberdeen Community Development District
42NNN. Seven Oaks Community Development District
42O. Cypress Grove Community Development District
42OO. Pine Island Community Development District
42OOO. Westchase Community Development District
42P. Pelican Marsh Community Development District
42PP. Connerton West Community Development District
42PPP. Village of Community Development District 10
42Q. Celebration Community Development District
42QQ. Villages of Westport Community Development District
42R. Enterprise Community Development District
42RR. Arborwood Community Development District
42S. Circle Square Woods Community Development District
42SS. Tolomato Community Development District
42T. Julington Creek Plantation Community Development District
42TT. Split Pine Community Development District
42U. Indigo Community Development District
42UU. Concord Station Community Development District
42V. Central Viera Community Development District
42VV. Tern Bay Community Development District
42W. Lakewood Ranch Community Development District 2
42WW. Coastal Lake Community Development District
42X. Fiddler's Creek Community Development District 1
42XX. Tesoro Community Development District
42Y. Brooks of Bonita Springs Community Development District
42YY. River Hall Community Development District
42Z. Brooks of Bonita Springs II Community Development District
43. Fiscal Accounting Information Board Book View
D43. Departmental
44. Information Resource Commission Book View
D44. Departmental
45. Expressway Authorities Book View
45A. Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
46. Marine Fisheries Commission Book View
D46. Departmental
47. Florida High Speed Rail Transportation Commission Book View
D47. Departmental
48. Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority Book View
49. Regional Utility Authorities Book View
D49. Departmental
49A. Walton/Okaloosa/Santa Rosa Regional Utility Authority
49B. Tampa Bay Water - A Regional Water Supply Authority
49C. Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority
49D. Peace River/Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority
49E. Big Bend Water Authority
50. Alligator Point Water Resources District Book View
D50. Departmental
51. The Consolidated Taxicab Commission Book View
52. Port of Palm Beach District Book View
53. Department of the Lottery Book View
D53. Departmental
54. Interlocal Agencies Book View
54A. Aucilla Area Solid Waste Management Administration
54B. New River Solid Waste Association
54C. Lake Apopka Natural Gas District
55. Department of Veterans' Affairs Book View
D55. Departmental
55A. Division of Veterans' Benefits and Assistance
56. Clean Florida Commission Book View
D56. Departmental
57. Space Florida Book View
D57. Departmental
58. Department of Elder Affairs Book View
D58. Departmental
58A. Federal Aging Programs
58B. Division of Volunteer and Community Services
58C. Community Care for the Elderly
58D. Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative
58E. Emergency Home Energy Assistance
58H. Home Care for the Elderly
58L. Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
58M. Statewide Public Guardianship Office
58N. Division of Statewide Community Based Services
58T. Training Requiring Provider and Curriculum Approvals
59. Agency for Health Care Administration Book View
D59. Departmental
59A. Health Facility and Agency Licensing
59B. Cost Management and Control
59C. Certificate of Need
59D. Florida Health Plan
59E. Hospital and Nursing Home Reporting Systems and Other Provisions Relating to Hospitals
59F. Rural Health Networks
59G. Medicaid
59GG. Psychotherapy Services
59H. Health Care Responsibility Program
60. Department of Management Services Book View
D60. Departmental
60A. Division of Purchasing
60AA. Correctional Privatization Commission
60B. Division of Motor Pool
60BB. Agency for Workforce Innovation
60C. Division of Communications
60CC. Public Employees Relations Commission
60D. Division of Building Construction
60DD. State Technology Office
60E. Blind and Handicapped Purchasing Commission
60EE. Enterprise Information Technology Services
60F. Capitol Center Planning Commission
60FF. Technology Program
60FF1. E911 Board
60G. Governor’s Mansion Commission
60H. Division of Facilities Management
60I. Information Technology Resource Procurement Advisory Council
60J. Joint Task Force on State Agency Law Enforcement Communications
60K. Career Service System
60L. Personnel Management System
60M. Selected Exempt Service
60N. Senior Management Service
60P. Division of State Employees’ Insurance
60Q. Division of Administrative Hearings
60R. State Retirement Commission
60S. Division of Retirement
60T. Division of Retirement - Local Retirement
60U. Division of Retirement - Optional Retirement Program
60V. Senior Management Service Optional Annuity Program
60W. IFAS Supplemental Benefit Program
60X. Division of Retirement - Social Security
60Y. Commission on Human Relations
60Z. Division of Retirement - Municipal Pension Trust Funds
61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation Book View
D61. Departmental
61A. Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco
61B. Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes
61C. Division of Hotels and Restaurants
61D. Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering
61E1. Miscellaneous Businesses and Professions - Asbestos Consultants/Asbestos Consultant Examination
61E5. Inspection of Funeral Establishments (Repealed)
61E12. Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
61E13. Pilotage Rate Review Committee
61E14. Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers
61F6. Division of Physical Therapy-Procedure and Administrative Hearings
61G1. Board of Architecture and Interior Design
61G2. Board of Auctioneers
61G3. Barbers' Board
61G4. Construction Industry Licensing Board
61G5. Board of Cosmetology
61G6. Electrical Contractors' Licensing Board
61G7. Board of Employee Leasing Companies
61G8. Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers
61G10. Board of Landscape Architecture
61G12. Board of Nursing Home Administrators
61G14. Board of Pilot Commissioners
61G15. Board of Professional Engineers
61G16. Board of Professional Geologists
61G17. Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers
61G18. Board of Veterinary Medicine
61G19. Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board
61G20. Florida Building Commission
61H1. Board of Accountancy
61J1. Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board
61J2. Florida Real Estate Commission
61K1. State Boxing Commission
61L. Child and Farm Labor Program
61M. Florida Mobile Home Relocation Corporation
61N. Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics
62. Department of Environmental Protection Book View
D62. Departmental
62B. Beaches and Coastal Systems
62C. Division of Resource Management
62D. Division of Recreation and Parks
62N. Division of Law Enforcement
62Q. Division of State Lands
62R. Division of Marine Resources
62S. Office of the Secretary
63. Department of Juvenile Justice Book View
63A. Juvenile Justice Standards and Training Commission
63B. Education
63C. Prevention Programs
63D. Probation
63E. Residential Services
63F. Division of Administration
63G. Detention Services
63H. Staff Training
63J. Direct Support Organizations
63K. County and Municipal Juvenile Programs
63L. Program Accountability
63M. Medical
63N. Mental Health/Substance Abuse/Developmental Disability Services
63T. Transition
64. Department of Health Book View
D64. Departmental
64B. Division of Medical Quality Assurance
64B1. Board of Acupuncture
64B2. Board of Chiropractic
64B3. Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel
64B4. Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling
64B5. Board of Dentistry
64B6. Board of Hearing Aid Specialists
64B7. Board of Massage Therapy
64B8. Board of Medicine
64B9. Board of Nursing
64B10. Board of Nursing Home Administrators
64B11. Board of Occupational Therapy
64B12. Board of Opticianry
64B13. Board of Optometry
64B14. Board of Orthotists and Prosthetists
64B15. Board of Osteopathic Medicine
64B16. Board of Pharmacy
64B17. Board of Physical Therapy Practice
64B18. Board of Podiatric Medicine
64B19. Board of Psychology
64B20. Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
64B21. School Psychology
64B22. Health Care Services Pools (Transferred to 59A-27)
64B23. Council of Medical Physicists
64B24. Council of Licensed Midwifery
64B25. Certified Master Social Workers
64B27. Dental Laboratories
64B28. Board of Naturopathic Examiners
64B29. Optical Establishments
64B30. Athletic Trainers
64B31. Impaired Practitioners Program
64B32. Board of Respiratory Care
64B33. Board of Athletic Training
64C. Division of Children’s Medical Services
64D. Division of Disease Control
64E. Division of Environmental Health
64F. Division of Family Health Services
64H. Office of Statewide Research
64I. Division of Health Access and Tobacco
64J. Division of Emergency Medical Operations
64K. Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
64V. Vital Statistics
65. Department of Children and Families Book View
D65. Departmental
65A. Economic Self-Sufficiency Program
65B. Developmental Services Program
65C. Family Safety and Preservation Program
65D. Substance Abuse Program
65E. Mental Health Program
65F. Refugee Services
65G. Agency for Persons with Disabilities
65H. Domestic Violence
65I. Office on Homelessness
66. Navigation Districts Book View
66A. West Coast Inland Navigation District
66B. Florida Inland Navigation District
67. Florida Housing Finance Corporation Book View
D67. Departmental
68. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Book View
D68. Departmental
68A. Freshwater Fish and Wildlife
68B. Marine Fisheries
68C. Manatees
68D. Vessel Registration and Boating Safety
68E. Marine Resources
68F. Aquatic Plants
69. Department of Financial Services Book View
69A. Division of State Fire Marshal
69B. Division of Insurance Agents and Agency Services
69C. Division of Treasury
69D. Division of Insurance Fraud
69E. Division of Administration
69H. Division of Risk Management
69I. Division of Accounting and Auditing
69J. Division of Consumer Services
69J-8.003. Neutral Evaluator Coarse Approval
69K. Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services
69L. Division of Worker's Compensation
69M. Financial Services Commission
69N. OIR - Administration
69O. OIR Insurance Regulation
69P. Residual Markets and Special Risk Pools
69T. Indexing Agency Orders
69U. FSC - Financial Institution Regulation
69V. Finance
69W. Securities
70. Department of Military Affairs Book View
D70. Departmental
71. Agency for Enterprise Information Technology Book View
D71. Departmental
71A. Office of Information Security
71B. Enterprise IT Services
72. Board of Governors Book View
D72. Departmental
73. Department of Economic Opportunity Book View
73A. Division of Strategic Business Development
73B. Division of Workforce Services
73C. Division of Community Development
999. Joint Administrative Procedures Committee Book View
1000. Other Agencies and Organizations Book View
1000F50. Florida Energy and Climate Commission
1000I. Soil and Water Conservation Districts